How To Contact HIV

How To Contact HIV


HIV is a subject matter that has always drawn a lot of attention in the entire world. It is a subject that needs to be taught thoroughly to keep people aware and well-informed. In understanding the subject, it is important to look at how a person can get HIV.


Ways To Get Contaminated With HIV

Blood Transfusion

It is where a patient receives blood from a donor. When a donor donates blood, it is very important that the blood gets screened for various infections, and one of them is HIV. However, when the blood is not properly screened, and the donor is infected, the recipient will automatically get infected also.

Sex With An Infected Person

During sex, body fluids are exchanged. When a person is infected, their vaginal secretions (women) or semen (men) will have the virus, and it will transmit to the healthy individual. HIV will be transmitted whether in oral sex, anal sex, or vaginal sex.


When an infected mother breastfeeds a healthy child, the mother will pass the virus to the child and thus infect them with it. That is why infected mothers are not allowed to breastfeed a child from birth since the chances of infections during pregnancies are less than 2 in 100 babies.

Sharing Of Sharp Objects

When you share sharps objects like needles, razors, or knives, you can easily contaminate each other. When you pierce or cut yourself, and with a needle or razor that an infected person pierced or cut themselves, you risk infections. Remember, HIV can survive in dried blood. Such objects need to be thoroughly sterilized.


As mentioned earlier, the chances for a mother to infect their child during pregnancy are very low. Out of 100, less than two children get infected during pregnancy. Even so, at childbirth, the baby can be contaminated with the mother’s blood and get infected. That is why during birth, care must be taken by the practitioners.

Home Tattooing And Body Piercing

Many people that do home tattooing and body piercing risk infections because the needles used are not properly sterilized (if at all they get sterilized.) also, the sharing of needles for tattooing and piercing increases the chances of contacting the infection easily.

Organ Transplant

It is also another way of getting infected with HIV. When the donor of the organ is HIV positive, and the organ is implanted in a person who is HIV negative, the virus present in the blood found in the organ will contaminate the person.


In knowing how to contact this virus, you learn how to avoid contaminations from infected persons. Always take the necessary precautions so as not to become a victim of this vicious virus. Always use condoms during sex, ensure safe blood transfusion and organ transplant, be cautious during childbirth, do not share cutting and piercing objects, and do not breastfeed when infected.


Always strive to live a healthy life always by being cautious of your surroundings and being keen on the things happening around you and to you. This way, you will avoid a lot of contaminations and infections; not just HIV.



The information contained here is gathered from the internet. It should not be taken as an official suggestion or medical advice.

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