Modern Drugs And Treatment

Modern Drugs And Treatment


Many people often wonder whether it is true that HIV can be treated and the truth is that it can be treated. Even so, this does not mean that HIV can be cured, but studies and research are going on targeting the curing of this vicious virus. In treating HIV, drugs known as Antiretroviral drugs are used. It is a modern drug that can help people control HIV in their body. If the treatment of HIV is started at an early stage, the infected person can live as long as a non-infected person. Therefore, it is advised to start the medication for HIV as soon as it is detected in a person.


Here are some important facts about the modern drugs and treatment of HIV/AIDS

What Are Antiretroviral Drug?

Antiretroviral Drugs

Antiretroviral drugs are drugs formulated to help the body cope with the virus infection as well as boost the immune system of the body. A patient will typically undergo an antiretroviral therapy. It is the use of HIV medicines to treat HIV, and the process will involve a combination of certain medications in what we call HIV regimen.

How Antiretroviral Drugs Work?

The ARVs will typically work by inhibiting the reproduction of the virus in the body. When the virus has a conducive environment, it will reproduce at a very fast rate causing the viral load to be very high. When they cannot reproduce, the viral load will be so low and become undetectable. When it is undetectable, the chances of infecting someone are reduced by 96%.

These medications will also help to boost the immune system of the infected person. This way, they can fight off other infections and diseases effectively. It gives the infected person a chance to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

When Should You Start Taking The Medication?

Start taking the medication as soon as the virus has been detected

It is always advisable that you start taking the medication as soon as the virus has been detected after a test. It will give you the chance to quickly recover from the damage the disease has caused your immune system.


It also gives the advantage of controlling the situating before anything goes out of hand. This virus is vicious. Controlling it as you as you can is wise.


In dealing with HIV infection, there has also risen new ways to completely reduce the possibility of the virus spreading in your body even after exposure. It involves the prescription for PEP. PEP is (Post Exposure Prophylaxis), and it involves the person taking antiretroviral drugs when they suspect they have been exposed to the virus.


For PEP to work, one must begin taking them within 72 hours of exposure. These medications should be taken for around 28 days. It is highly effective in preventing the multiplication of HIV, but it may not always work 100% most of the times. When using PEP always use it as recommended and with consistency for positive results.

HIV Medicines Included In A Regime

There are many HIV medications in the world

There are so many HIV medications in the world. They are grouped into six classes depending on how they fight the infection. These drugs are PIs (protease inhibitors), NRTIs (nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors), pharmacokinetic enhancers, INSTIs (integrase strand transfer inhibitors, fusion inhibitors, and entry inhibitors.


A regime will have three medicines from at least two classes of drugs.

Side Effects Of The Drugs

For people who have used these drugs, the side effects that have been noted included:

  • Headaches dizziness
  • Throat swelling
  • Liver damage
  • Tongue swelling, among others.


These drugs interact well with other medicines, herbal products, natural supplements, and vitamins.


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