15 Signs And Symptoms Of HIV Infection

15 Signs And Symptoms Of HIV Infection


In this era we are living in, it is very important to keep track of what is happening to your body. It is very easy to get infections without knowing it. To know whether you are an HIV victim, the following signs and symptoms are the most commonly witnessed.

1. Fever

This is one of the first signs. At first, it may be short-lived, but with time it becomes long-lasting and, very frequent.

2. Nausea And Diarrhea

You will persistently have nausea, and this happens when the virus has started corrupting the functioning of the body. Diarrhea is also a common effect as the digestive system is also corrupted.

3. Fatigue

If you are sleeping well and are not overworking, then it is a possible cause for concern. Your immune system is affected by HIV and this result in fatigue.

4. Dry Coughs

Dry coughs that are persistent and without course are a sign of HIV infection. Typically, nothing remedies a cough, and it goes on for months and even years. When it goes on for this long, do not assume it any longer.

5. Cold Sores

Cold sores will develop on your lips that can be very painful and would contain pus. These sores are irritating and discomforting, and they do not easily respond to treatment.

6. Reduced Immunity

HIV will typically reduce your immunity. Thus, you will be falling ill all the time and getting infections that you never used to get.

7. Chronic Muscle And Joint Pains

It can be as a result of other diseases, but if it happens and you have other symptoms, you should get tested. The aches and pains are due to fatigue.

8. Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are also seen during early stages or late. These rashes are itchy and very discomforting. If you have tried treating them and they are not responding, get tested for HIV.

9. Loss Of Appetite

The viral infection will temper with your appetite and may kill your taste buds. When the appetite loss goes for more than a month, you should get checked.

10. Weight Loss

Weight loss happens because of the diarrhea episodes as well as the lack of appetite caused by the virus infection. One drastically losses weight in an unexplainable way.

11. Lymph Nodes That Are Swollen

When you get infected with HIV, the virus will inhabit your lymph nodes where it will find the ground to multiply. It is the reason for their swelling, and it is a painful experience.

12. Pneumonia

It is an infection of the lungs. It is a severe infection that can be caused by other reasons other than HIV. But people infected with HIV are susceptible to many opportunistic infections, and this is one of them. It happens because of the weak immune system. It is commonly known as AIDS pneumonia.

13. Confusion

The HIV infection will typically tamper with a person’s brain activity. A person who once had a sharp memory will start experiencing confusion, delirium, cloudy thoughts and so on.

14. Yeast Infections

When a person’s immune system goes down, they become susceptible to yeast infections such as vaginal yeast infections and even mouth thrush.

15. Sore Throat

HIV can cause one to have sore throat infections that are persistent because it makes the throat susceptible to this infection. If the sore throats are persistent and have other signs, you should test for HIV.


One sign may not necessarily means you are infected, but if the symptoms are severe and without proper explanation, you should be tested.


The content of this material is from the internet. Therefore, it is not an official suggestion or medical advice.

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