Special Aids Awareness Events

Special Aids Awareness Events


Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome is the full form of AIDS. It is a widespread disease that affects a considerable portion of the population of the world. AIDS is not curable, and it happens due to the infection by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus- HIV. There is only one way to protect the people from the HIV/AIDS is by spreading awareness. Most of the people that have HIV/AIDS do not have the appropriate information about its causes and treatments.

People from all over the world are including the NGOs and Governments are working to spread this message to the people- prevent AIDS before it infects you.


The various types of special events are organized by the people all over the world. Some of those events are:

World AIDS Day Events

The World AIDS Day that is observed on the 1st December each year is the reason for various awareness events. Various NGOs and government organizations plan multiple events on this remarkable day every year. Many drives are organized, and camps are held to spread awareness about the HIV/AIDS. People in the underdeveloped countries are more prone to the disease and spreading information amongst them is the main motive of these events.

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Events

The Black population is the most affected with HIV/AIDS in the whole world. Hence every February 7 the National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Event that is organized in the US. The people from the black population are taught about the disease, and its prevention.  Various organizations are trying to end the misconceptions that are attached to the HIV/AIDS for years. The basic goals of these are to get the people tested, educated, treated and most importantly involved in the cause.

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Events

Although the HIV Vaccine is still being prepared, every May 18 is considered the HIV vaccine awareness day. There are various programs organized by various NGOs and organizations in the whole world to show the importance of the vaccine to the people and to inform the people about the progress science has made in preparing the cure for the events.

Some of the most widely known organizations that are working to spread the awareness about HIV/AIDS amongst the people all over the world are:

•    The Global Fund

The Global Funds is the largest NGO Working in the field of HIV/AIDS. They are also currently working on two other major diseases in the world Malaria and tuberculosis.


The UNAIDS is the foundation run by the United Nations against AIDS. They work all over the world in the AIDS-affected countries to prevent the disease and help the people suffering from it, find proper treatment.

•    Center For AIDS Research, UC San Diego

The Center for AIDS Research, UC San Diego is the medical school. The school is dedicated to the research and study of HIV/AIDS. It works continuously to provide a vaccine for AIDS and has been studying the virus since the 1970s.

•    Elton John AIDS Foundation

Elton John is a celebrity and his charity Elton John Foundation works to prevent AIDS, educate the people about AIDS and tries to eliminate the discrimination that happens to the people that have AIDS.

•    Treatment Action Campaign

The Treatment Action campaign is 16,000 member organizations that work towards providing health care and treatment to the people living in South Africa.


For all the information about the events that are organized by these NGOs, you can visit their website and also their social media handles.

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AIDS Awareness Events

  • World AIDS Day Events (December 1)
  • National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Events (February 7)
  • HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Events (May 18)

Causes Of HIV/AIDS

  • Sexual Intercourse
  • Prenatal Transmission
  • Transmission By Blood